School Home in Education SHinE

About SHinE

We established “SHinE” in 2014. For all student, for creating better school, and for realizing many wishes,
we aim to work cooperatively group for school and society.


At first year of AMICUS, “mothers’ group” had been organized casually by then principal. After that the school had decided to establish the parents’ association when all the primary school’s grades were completed. Meanwhile parents/guardians had voluntarily organized the preparatory committee for discussing about the contents of bylaws. Since June 2014, the association has established as SHinE, and since May 2015, SHinE is authorized by AMICUS as a supportive PTA association. SHinE has consisted of the board members, 8 sections, and PGLs (parents/guardians liaisons) to encourage activities by grades/classes.

  • From SHinE

    Seiichiro Matsuyama
    Fumiaki Takemura

    AMICUS is one of the rare pioneer schools in Japan. All the students are lively in their school life, and they are trying their best for anything which they have interests. SHinE is a group of parents, guardians, and school personal who has gathered at AMICUS with new education. I hope that we grow not only our children also ourselves and enjoy the interaction between parents in this fiscal year. It would be our pleasure if children stay proactive in this world in future. I am very pleased if “My school life at AMICUS was fun!” remains in their heart. I will serve as president for one year. We appreciate your cooperation.

  • What is SHinE ?

    SHinE(School and Home in Education)

    AMICUS PTA, as known as SHinE (School and Home in Education), was named with expectation to create better educational environment for the children with closer relationships between the school and homes/families.

  • From School

    Principal Eriko Wauke
    Headmaster Nagatoshi Yasui

    Each child plays the leading role in his or her own life. Children are, of course, the main characters on the stage at school as well. As teachers and staff who serve to create this stage, we are some of the people that help lead the children in their growth and in their main roles. I believe parents and guardians act as excellent supporting cast members who collaborate with their children extensively. Let us also collaborate with you to watch over the children of AMICUS International.

Event calender

  • April

    Kindergarten ,
    School Entrance Ceremonies
    Current students and teaching staff welcome new children by showing their performance.School Commencement Ceremony ,
    Body measurements , Open school.etc
  • May

    Holidays , school briefing
    A new school year that has been accustomed Exchange in class.
  • June

    Peace Studies
    Children think about peace and express it in pictures and writings on the occasion of Okinawa Memorial Day.
    Sports Day
    Together with family members,
    students enjoy sports.
  • July

    Summer vacation begins
    We watch the life. home work.
  • August

    Summer vacation end
    Children go to school in a cheerful face.
  • September

    Class snorkeling and pool is done by grade from July to September
  • October

    Classroom visitations ,
    three-party meeting
    The entrance Exams
  • November

    Thanksgiving , cooking training
    There are also doing a Thanksgiving in the class of the event
  • December

    Performance Day
    bus stop becomes darker in the morning.
    the beginning of the winter break
  • Janualy

    Parents/Guardian visiting days
  • Februaly

    Six Grade School Trip
    Students went on a two-night,three-day school trip to Nara,Kyoto,Osaka,and Kobe(in 2014 school year)
  • March

    Graduation Ceremony
    notification table, Spring holiday.
    When parting and the beginning


Excursions and Field Trip An excursion or field trips takes place at each grade level to experience natures and cultures.
Parent/Guardian Visiting Day There are two parents/guardian visiting days a year for the kindergarten, while there are three such days for both the elementary and
junior high schools. At some grade levels,an event with the participation of parents and guardians will be organized at the end of a semester.
Long School Holidays Long school holidays include spring(approx.two weeks),summer( month),fall( week),and winter(approx.two weeks)breaks.